Anchor FLO GS ceiling fan 1200 mm sweep with 48 inch blades White Color(Product Code – 13556)
Anchor FLO GS ceiling fan 1200 mm sweep with 48 inch blades White Color(Product Code – 13556)

Anchor FLO GS ceiling fan 1200 mm sweep with 48 inch blades White Color(Product Code – 13556)

Anchor Panasonic

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Anchor FLO GS series fans are the standard range offered by Anchor Panasonic, made for standard inte.. More...

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Product Code: Standard Series – FLO GS
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Anchor FLO GS series fans are the standard range offered by Anchor Panasonic, made for standard interiors of your home. It is made from high-quality aluminium with pressure dying process to achieve maximum durability during the life-span of the fan. The motor and blades both are made from aluminium and applied with high-quality power coating to give very elegant look and corrosion free. The fan is designed to deliver maximum air delivery with less power consumption. It is also designed to weigh less compare to the traditional fans.


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How Many Blades and Span of the Fan?

Buying new ceiling fan? You must think of many factors like size of fan blades, type of fan, sweep of the fan, inverter fan etc. Well! You should think about these factors as it could play very important role in buying the fan. You will be amazed to know that, selecting the right size of the fan blade could save lot of electricity with increased performance in working. You will find various types of fan blades in market which could have different working like high speed fan, standard fan, energy saving fan etc. With better understanding of types of fan, right sized blades etc. could save money and electricity for you home.

The blade span of the fan is also major part of ceiling fan blades. The blade span can be calculated from the tip to tip of the blade or the diameter of the fan including blades and motor. The most common sizes of the fan blades could be 29inch, 36 inch, 48 inch, 52 inch and 56 inch. If we consider 48 inch dimension than the dimension of the fan can be measured as shown in the image below:

one way switch dimentional view

Fan Blades

The ceiling fan blades are made from various materials but in India the traditional material used in fan body and blades was Iron. Nowadays, the fan body and blades are manufactured with high quality aluminum. Using Aluminum in the fan body and blades would make the fan lighter in weight while delivery more air. The fan blades made with wood is also available in market but with big price tag. The wooden fans are only used for luxury home to give extra touch to interior. Some fan companies in India also offers wooden design on aluminum fans to give wooden effect with low price. If we consider medium family requirement we should always consider the fan with prices fall between Rs. 1100 to Rs. 2000.

Consider Your Ceiling

The ceiling of the room where the fan is going to be installed makes much more difference while choosing the right fan. In India the most of the ceiling are made from false ceiling according to interior design. The fan pipe gets installed before the false ceiling (pop) in made. While selecting the fan pipe for false ceiling, it should be at least 9” out of the ceiling surface. This 9 inch of clearance would get the maximum air from the room and it will be easy to install the fan and its accessories. There are different mounting pipes available in market like inclined pipe for steep ceiling, upside down for mounting the pipe on ground etc.

Fan Fastener and Hook

The fan pipe should be installed with single or double anchor fastener or fan hook to secure the fan rubber clamp on the place. Before installing the fan fastener on the concrete ceiling, look out for any electrical pipe or any other pipe inside the ceiling. Once the fastener is installed, check the fan fastener by putting some body weight on it. The general image of fan fastener and hook is shown below:

Ceiling Fans Electricity Saving

As of today, the people are getting aware of saving electricity at the home. The best way to reduce the electricity bill is to start saving from the fans. The single fan used for 10hours daily could end up home owner paying upto Rs. 1000/year (see our latest article on fan consumption). The inverter fans or 5 star rating fans are now available in India. We should start switching to the inverter fans or 5 star rating for better consumption of electricity. If you do not want to buy new fan, than you can start saving from switching off the fans when NOT in use. We have made some approximate calculations of fan speed vs. fan working hours and describing cost per year.

Room Size with Reference to Fan Size

The major aspect of buying fan is size of the room, the fan size are available in many size as mentioned above. But we have made some calculations to help you select the right product. We will consider size of 48 inch or 1200MM Sweep fan for the experimental purpose. The normal 48 inch fan could deliver the air over 140 sq. ft. area and if the fan is installed in center of the room. The chart below shows the dimensions of the fan vs. air delivery area.