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We are well known people for electrical services in Vadodara area and also for the excellent customer service. We NOT only deliver our services but we intract with our customers and fulfil their needs. We have team of professionals for the electrical wiring and consultation.

Local store to get more trust.

Open most of the days of the year.

24/7 toll free service on 1800 212 7567.

We help our customers SAVE money.

Delivery at customer door step.

Electrician on instant call is provided.

Electrical guidence for the customer.

Local store to get more trust.

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Air Conditioner Wiring

Indian summer is awlays frustrating which gives us opportunity to provide our customers AC Wiring.


Fan Repairs and Installation

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a singlemoment before starting to get fresh air.


House Wiring with Material

We provide entire house wiring with our authentic materials and professional services.


False ceiling lightning

False ceiling light installation with complete wiring and assembling the lights.


MCB or ELCB Testing Service

Be safe with your safety devices when you are only one call away from our switchgear testing service.


Load Calculation

Every electrical load should be calculated for better performance and high reliability of tripping off on short circuit.

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